What Do You Need to Know About Brain Tumors?

The brain is an essential human organ that can help control bodily functions such as movement, feeling, emotion, etc. Brain tumors are a serious problem. They are divided into two categories: cancerous and noncancerous. This condition can occur at any age, whether a child or an adult. Brain tumors significantly impact brain functions. 

Brain tumors are growth cells in the brain that also impact nearby tissue. There are many types of brain tumors. A Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana can find minor or major issues in the brain through growing cells. They use the advanced and safest technique in the lab to figure out the type of brain tumor because some types of brain tumors are not cancer. 

Causes of Brain Tumors 

  • Brain tumors can happen when healthy brain tissue gets damaged or destroyed. 
  • Put too much pressure nearby the tissue  
  • Bleeding in the brain. 
  • Fluid builds up in the brain 
  • Family history 


Understanding the signs of brain tumors can help to recognize brain issues early and get the right treatment. Here are the symptoms of the brain tumors such as: 

Severe Headache 

When you have problems with your brain, you often struggle with head pain for 1 or 2 weeks or sometimes constantly. In such conditions, you must consult a Neurologist in Punjab for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. 

Nausea and vomiting 

When you have a problem with your brain, your body functions do not work correctly. You often feel nausea and vomiting. 

Eye related issues 

Sometimes, brain tumors impact vision health. Patients can struggle with blurry vision or vision loss. 

Troubling in balancing 

When a person has brain issues, he does not concentrate on things and has difficulty balancing. 

Weakness and Weight gain 

Patients often feel body weakness and numbness. Patients with brain tumors get too hungry. In the end, they gain weight. 

Memory and speech problems 

Brain tumor patients have problems remembering things. They do not recall what they do or do not do. They experience trouble following commands. They do not speak properly. 

Prevention Tips 

Here are some prevention tips that can help enhance brain health and reduce the chances of brain tumors: 

Lifestyle changes 

When considering improving your brain health, you must change your lifestyle habits, including a healthy diet and physical activity. 

You can take a healthy diet with lots of nutrients that can help provide energy to your body. You can do some physical activity to help manage your stress level and improve overall health. 

Avoid harmful consumption 

You need to avoid harmful consumption, such as alcohol, and smoking habits can increase the risk of brain tumors. 

Sufficient sleep 

You get enough sleep to help relax your body and brain. 

Limites use mobiles 

You need to reduce the use of mobiles because this habit can increase the risk of brain tumors. If you have a problem with your brain, consult a  Neurologist in Punjab. 

How Brain Tumors Impact Memory and Cognitive Function 

Brain tumors have a diverse impact on your cognitive function, such as low energy, decreased interest in day-to-day activities and decreased the ability of memory.

If your healthcare providers doubt about having a brain, they take numerous tests such as CT scans, brain MRIs, collecting brain tissues and more. When they recognize the brain tumors, they provide treatment like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and more. 

You can not prevent brain tumors, but you can reduce the risk of developing and worsening through prevention tips. Neurociti Hospital has an expert team of  Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana who provide an appropriate treatment for your brain tumors. 

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