Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab

Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab, The department of Neurosurgery has been functional since the inception of the Hospital. The Department has a dedicated operation theatre and intensive care unit (ICU). Emergency neurosurgery services are provided round the clock on all days.

What is Neurosurgery?

Often, patients get confused about the term ‘Neurosurgery’ as they think it is just brain surgery. It is the surgery of the nervous system. So, it is not just the brain but more than that!
Neurosurgery is the medical specialty in which diagnosis and treatment are done for patients with disease or injury of the:

  • Peripheral Nerves
  • Spinal column
  • Spinal Cord
  • Brain

At our hospital, treatment for neurosurgery in Ludhiana is given to take care of adults and pediatric patients. During the initial consultation, our specialist will determine the cause of the problem, and accordingly, the treatment plan is determined.

Who is a Neurosurgeon?

The neurosurgeon has a specialization to provide you with the best treatment for neurosurgery. You cannot simply consider them as neurosurgeons as they are medically trained to offer treatment for neck and back pain along with many other issues.
Our team of neurosurgeons has the skills and knowledge to provide you with surgical and non-surgical treatment for neurological disorders which includes:

  • Prevention
  • Diagnosis
  • Evaluation
  • Treatment
  • Critical Care
  • Rehabilitation
Neurosurgery in India

What are the common neurosurgical procedures offered by our neurosurgeons?

Here are some of the common neurosurgical procedures offered by us:

  • Surgery for head .and spinal injuries
  • Surgery for complex brain tumors
  • Surgery for pituitary tumors through nose
  • Stroke surgery
  • Surgery for aneurysms / arteriovenous malformations
  • Micro Discectomy for disc prolapse and other spinal surgeries
  • Epilepsy Surgery

What makes Neuro Citi Hospital the best neurosurgery group in India?

  • Knowledgeable and skilled team: From our team of surgeons to nurses, everyone is well-trained and skilled in his/her respective fields to take utmost care of your health.
  • Proper diagnosis: Right the moment you step into our hospital each of the patients is diagnosed and evaluated properly. No stone will be left unturned while giving you an effective treatment plan.
  • Latest and improved medical equipment: We stand apart from the other neuro hospitals in Ludhiana because we have the availability of the latest and modern equipment & techniques to offer you nothing but the best care to improve the quality of your life.
  • Safe and hygienic environment: Not just because of the COVID wave, but since we started we are taking every preventive and safety measure. We have a hygienic infrastructure and environment, which makes you trust us even more.
  • Customized approach: Every patient is different from others, so are their health issues. We make sure the treatment plan you get from us is suggested and performed, keeping in mind your health issues. We make sure you will be at peace during the whole treatment plan.
  • International standards: We are serving the community with the most advanced medical care services which are like the international standards.

When it comes to your health, you need to only trust the best.

Additional advantages

Here are some of the additional benefits of getting neurosurgery at our hospital:

  • The increased success rate among the various treatments performed at our hospital.
  • Advanced technologies and emergency care services to help you manage the problem on time.
  • Economical treatment, so that everyone who is looking for neurosurgery in Ludhiana, India can get the treatment without the burden of high fees.
  • Following a holistic healthcare approach.
  • Multinational and multi-linguistic staff to have a seamless flow of communication and connection with patients.

Say goodbye to neuro problems, Book your initial consultation with our team of experts without any delay.

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