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Migraine Treatment Specialists in Ludhiana, Punjab , For an individual, it is not easy to understand what a migraine patient has to suffer from. It is way different as compared to a normal headache. It is even more surprising that there is no cure for migraines in 2021. Although, that does not mean you or anyone in your known need to suffer from this problem. By consulting the best neurologist in Ludhiana, Punjab you will get a customized treatment approach that works for your condition.
There is no denying the fact that when a headache can make a person cry out in their head or get frustrated, then how migraine patients deal with this type of problem. As time keeps on moving the researchers are looking for an effective approach to treat migraine patients. At Neuro Citi Hospital, we understand the patient’s condition which makes it easier to provide them with the treatment and best care.

What are the symptoms of migraine?

The prevalence of migraines is 2 to 3 times higher in women as compared to men. Usually, the migraine starts from one side of the head and around the eye or forehead. Gradually, it becomes severe and one-half of the head experiences extreme pain. The entire head is rarely affected. The migraine comes along with vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound.

What does a typical migraine headache include?

  • Moderate to severe intensity
  • Pulsating – hammering, throbbing sensation
  • Gradually builds in severity
  • Associated with nausea or vomiting
  • Hemicranial or holocranial
  • Aversion to light and sound

What does a migraine aura mean?

In some cases, the patients can get relief when they relax in a dark & quiet place. Moreover, if they vomit then also they can get relief. Such patients notice a change in their mood, depression, or irritable behavior. The migraine patients with aura experience several neurological issues or it might come along with a headache. The migraine aura is categorized as:

  • Sensory
  • Motor
  • Visual
  • Or a combination of these

What are the things which can trigger migraine?

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Lack of food
  • Poor coping Strategy
  • Consumption of food like curd, coffee, banana, and cheese.
  • Not getting enough sleep or sleeping more than usual.
  • Getting yourself exposed to harsh sunlight
  • Hormonal changes in women.
trigger factors of migraine

What are the trigger situations common in India patients?

  • Sinusitis
  • Toothache
  • Bath with cold water
  • Summer hot and A humid weather
  • Pungent smell – Spices, perfume, cooking smell, or petrol smell

Are all headaches migraines?

NO. All the types of headaches are not referred to as migraines. The secondary reasons for headaches are only through conducting the tests. Your headache does not come under the category of migraine if it does not fulfill the given criteria for migraine.
Manage migraine

What are the serious causes of headaches?

Some of the serious causes of headache are mentioned below:

  • Brain tumor
  • Meningitis, encephalitis
  • Dissection of vessels
  • Brain Hemorrhage
  • Thrombosis of cerebral veins
  • Temporal arteritis
  • A rise in intracranial pressure
  • Low intracranial pressure
  • Aneurysms of cerebral artery
  • Stroke

How is a migraine diagnosed?

Depending on the symptoms, the diagnosis is done. If a woman has a recurrent headache on one side along with vomiting/nausea and someone in the family has also had it, then it is the red signal that you have a migraine. Our doctor might also suggest some test if needed like:

  • MRI
  • CT scan

How is migraine treated?

Every patient experiences it differently, so depending on your condition, the doctor will determine the treatment plan for you. There are even trigger factors that can lead to migraine-like:

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Activity
  • Psychological issues

What should a migraine patient do?

  • Migraine patients need to get proper sleep and make sure that they keep their sleep hours regular. During the day, sleep only for 20 minutes.
  • By the end of the day, you should listen to soothing music, try to take a warm bath, and read your favorite book.
  • Make sure that you avoid the distractions in your room so that you can sleep in peace.

Exercise regularly

You need to exercise regularly and make sure that you make this a daily habit. But make sure that you do not try any type of vigorous exercise regime and try to take it slow.

Manage the stress level

Migraines and stress come with each other. Make sure that you manage the stress level daily and it will prevent migraines. You should try to stay happy, take a break, manage the time, do not try to multitask, and relax.

Eat good food

Most importantly, you need to eat good food and make sure that you are consistent with it. You should never skip your breakfast and try to eliminate the food which triggers migraines like chocolate, cheese, coffee, and alcohol.
Make the necessary adjustments and see what works the best for you. If you have any doubt then book your initial consultation without any delay.

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