Interventional Radiology

Best CT Scan and MRI in Ludhiana, Punjab

Best CT Scan and MRI in Ludhiana, Punjab, Interventional radiology uses various imaging techniques like MRI, CT scans, and Ultrasound to help the doctor to perform the procedure. The Purpose of the Procedure may be:

  • Diagnosing the condition
  • Treating the condition

Pain Management

What are the benefits of Interventional radiology?

Basically, it provides 2 key benefits in one go:

  • Direct access to the body part: First of all, the doctor will have direct access to the body part which needs the treatment. It means the surrounding tissues or muscles will not be damaged.
  • No risky side effects: The chances of side-effects are extremely less as it might occur with other procedures.
  • No overnight hospital: Usually, you don’t have to stay overnight in the hospital.
  • Avoids Surgery in Many Cases.

Helping patients to have better health

Through Interventional Radiology we are helping the patients to feel better and have good health. With the assistance of experienced physicians and exceptional clinical care, we are offering the best of interventional radiology services.

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