Types of Headache & Its Treatment Methods

There is no such person in this world who never faces a headache, which is why we consider it a small and generic health problem.

But do you know your frequent headache can signify some severe neurological disorder?


That’s right. Headache is of various types, and majorly people face normal headache issues only. But if you can educate yourself about this health issue, you will be able to know if you are healthy or not.

Different Types of Headache & Its Treatment

Understanding the type of headache you are facing is essential because only then would you be able to figure out its treatment method.

Let us discuss some of the most common types of headaches along with their treatment:

  • Tension Headache:

Have you ever noticed whenever you are under stress or tension, your head starts painting, and that pain is very dull. Secondly, you can also feel tiredness around your head, neck, and eyes.

You can treat your tension headache by giving your body a proper rest. You can also use an ice pack around your head, and lastly, you can take a hot shower to solve this issue.

  • Cluster Headache:

Under cluster headaches, you can notice severe burning pain around one side of your head, including your face. People also face issues like redness, swelling, and sweating with this type of headache.

If you are at your home and looking for remedies for cluster headaches, you can relax in a completely dark room; it will make you feel better. Secondly, you can also drink coffee, as caffeine can help you eliminate this headache.

If this issue is still not cured, you should contact the best Neurologist in Ludhiana.

  • Migraine:

If you have a migraine, you will face a deep pulsing pain from the inside of your head, and due to this headache, you will not be able to do your daily tasks properly. This pain would be different from your normal headache and will be one-sided only.

Scalp massage is one of the best home remedies for migraine issues; applying pressure on the scalp can help relieve stress. If you are still facing pain, you can sleep for a few hours; that will surely help you eliminate the issue.

  • Ice Pick Headache:

Just imagine you are doing your daily activities, and suddenly you face intense pain around your head for a few seconds. Such a headache is known as an ice pack headache.

You can use an ice pack around your head or neck area to reduce the stabbing pain of an ice pack headache.

Signs That You Should Visit Your Doctor Now

  • If the headache wakes you up at night while you sleep, it’s high time to visit your doctor.


We hope you understand that not every headache is a normal headache. If you notice some severe signs and symptoms of headache, get in touch with the Best Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana.

You can connect with Neurociti Hospital for any such neurological disorder.

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