New treatment modalities in epilepsy

Epilepsy means having seizures again and again. It’s hard to deal with, but there are new treatments that might help. Devices that can sense and stop seizures before they happen are being used. Also, tests for genes can help doctors make treatments that work better for each person. These new things give hope for a better life for people with epilepsy.

What Causes Epilepsy, Its Signs, and How It Can Be Treated?

Epilepsy happens when the brain has problems sending signals. This can be due to many reasons, such as injury or genetics. Signs of epilepsy vary, but they can include shaking or losing consciousness. Treatment involves medicines, therapies, and sometimes surgery.

Medicine for Epilepsy:

Doctors usually give drugs to control seizures. Sometimes, though, these drugs don’t work well or cause side effects. That’s when specialists, like neurologists in Punjab, step in to find the right medicine for each person.

Other Ways to Help:

Apart from medicine, other things can help with epilepsy. For instance, therapy, special diets, and certain devices can make a difference. These methods don’t replace medicine but can work alongside it to control seizures.

Changing What You Eat:

Some people find that changing what they eat can help with epilepsy. One diet that’s been shown to work is the ketogenic diet. It’s low in carbs and high in fat and might reduce how often seizures happen, especially in kids. Neurosurgeons in Ludhiana and dietitians work together to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Making Your Environment Safer:

Simple changes at home or work can help prevent seizures. This might mean reducing screen time, avoiding flashing lights, or getting enough sleep. These adjustments can make a big difference in how often seizures happen.

What are the common misunderstandings about how the brain works?

People often think the brain works the same way all the time, but it’s very flexible. Also, not all seizures look the same – some can be subtle behavioural changes. Understanding these things helps us better manage conditions like epilepsy.


For some people, surgery is an option when medicines don’t work well. Surgeons can remove parts of the brain that cause seizures. Some devices can help, like ones that stimulate nerves in the brain to stop seizures.

New Ideas:

Technology is giving us new ways to treat epilepsy. Some devices can detect seizures and stop them before they start. These innovations give hope to people without relief from traditional treatments.

How India is Helping:

In India, Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana and specialists are working hard to improve epilepsy treatment. They’re using old and new methods to give people the best care possible. This means more options for treatment and better outcomes for patients.


Epilepsy treatment is getting better all the time. New medicines, therapies, and technologies are helping people with epilepsy more than ever. Neurociti Hospital and Neurologists in Punjab worldwide are working together to find the best ways to help people with this condition.

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