Which are the most prevalent myths about the functioning of the brain?

According to the neurosurgeon in Punjab, several people are bothered with neurological problems. And if something gets so common, the spread of rumours or myths become quite common. So in this article, we have enlisted those myths about which people must know that these are not true and facts are corresponding to it. These are going to be super interesting since these are presented by the famous neurosurgeon in Punjab.


Brain degeneration happens after the first 20 years

Earlier there was a very famous myth according to which all our cognitive abilities begin to decline after we have crossed 20 years. But it is not true. When we are using a term for the brain that alteration will be better than ‘decline’.


The dimensions of rain increase with exercise

With regular exercises, the areas of the brain which are associated with the following tend to get enlarged:

  • Memory
  • Task Management
  • Coordination
  • Planning
  • Inhibition


But some people think of increments in the context of dimensions of the brain. But it is not at all. By increment, we mean enhancement in functioning.


Anxiety does not cause damage to the brain

When we are talking about anxiety, then we are referring to the emotion which is a response to some of the events. It was believed that emotional stress cannot harm the brain. But if you are thinking that way, then you are wrong. Since people who are bothered with anxiety are suffering from dementia. This happens due to cortisol which is one of the most dangerous stress hormones that cause various parts of the brain to get damaged.


There is no point in taking short breaks

Many articles have been published that underlines the value of the short breaks. Short breaks are significant in maintaining focus. But others believe that these cause us to lose focus. But it is not so.

If our brains continue to work on the same task for prolonged hours, then there are high chances that we will commence to lose our focus. But if in case, we take several short breaks in our work, then we may contribute to staying focused.


After drinking coffee, you will immediately stop feeling sleepy

Each one of us has tasted the coffee at least once in our lifetimes. And we all may have felt energetic after drinking the same. But yes, some people say if we drink coffee, no matter how hard we try we shall never feel sleepy. But it is not so. Coffee has caffeine content that helps us to intensify our cognitive abilities. When our brain is functioning in a good way, then there are fewer chances that we may feel sleepy. But that does not mean that it is


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