Different Types Of Head Injuries And Their Neurological Treatment

An external force is a key point in creating any physical trauma, injury, or damage. Injuries can occur at any point in your life, either by accidents, hits, weapons, or any other reasons.

What Is Head Injury?

A head injury is basically something that affects the skull, scalp, or brain. The cause of head injury varies from a minor head bump on the skull to a significant brain injury.

The Neurologist in Ludhiana will analyze the depth of any head injury based on how hard you hit your head. The impact of the injury decides the effect on your brain. Some primary head injuries include skull fractures, concussions, and even scalp wounds. On the basis of the cause and the severity of the head injury, the doctor would suggest the best Brain Injury Treatment in Ludhiana.

Closed Or Open Head Injury

There are also injuries that do not break the skull. They are denoted as closed head injuries. And in case it breaks your skull and damages your brain or skull, then the doctors in the Neuro Hospital in Punjab term it an open or penetrating head injury.

Shakes And Blow Head Injury

Head injuries that we associate with blows are generally related to motor vehicle accidents, physical assaults, falls, activity-related accidents, and sports. However, you must also know that most of the time, your skull is going to protect your brain from any kind of harm.

What Are The Different Types Of Head Injury?

These are some of the most common types of head injury that can cause serious problems for you neurologically.

But do not worry; we have all the proper treatment for you to overcome the issues under the guidance of a skilled neurologist.

  • Hemorrhage

Hemorrhage is basically an unrestrained bleeding condition. In such circumstances, we will notice a lot of bleeding around our brains. It is also known as subarachnoid hemorrhage. People also denote the bleeding inside your brain tissue as intracerebral hemorrhage.

  • Concussion

In case we notice any kind of head injury and the impact of the damage is very serious in the head, then there is a good chance of suffering from concussions. The good news is that the hammering of function connected with the concussion is only temporary. However, you must be cautious as repeated concussions can lead to permanent damage, and you would not want that.

  • Edema

You can suffer from edema from any kind of brain injury. The head injury can cause swelling in the surrounding tissues of the head, and it becomes more severe when it happens in your brain. Your skull will not be able to stretch to accommodate the bulge, which will initially lead up to the pressure in your brain hence making your brain press against your skull.

  • Skull fracture

Did you know that your skull does not have any bone marrow in them? This is why it makes the skull extremely hard and tough to break. And a fractured skull will not be able to take the hit of a blow that will harm your brain.

Final Comments

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