Neurologist Tips on, ‘What are the simple yet effective ways to avoid stroke?’

Taking all sorts of preventive measures is the ideal way of making sure the problem does not get worse. Such a preventive approach needs to be followed to prevent stroke. As it is one of the common conditions in which the brain working is reduced or interrupted. During this condition, the brain is not able to get the right amount of nutrients or oxygen. The problem demands attention because every year 1 person every 40 seconds gets a stroke. This condition needs immediate diagnosis and treatment from one of the Best Neurologist in Punjab. To reduce brain damage all the necessary measures have to be taken.

What are the different categories of stroke?

When you visit one of the Best Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana the neurologist will check what type of stroke you have:

  • Ischemic stroke

  • Hemorrhagic stroke

  • Transient ischemic attacks

What is the way to prevent stroke?

Some of the best ways to prevent stroke are:

  • Make sure to do exercise on time

If you do not exercise enough then there are increased chances of having health issues. Apart from stroke, there is the problem of obesity & high blood pressure. Make sure that you exercise for at least 40 minutes a day. Start slowly and then increase the pace. Moreover, it will help in breathing & even make the heart rate elevated.

  • Follow a healthy diet

You have to keep your diet as healthy as possible as this way the chances of having a stroke are minimized. If your diet is not right then there will be a problem of overweight, obesity, and higher blood pressure. You must limit your salt intake and eat less potassium. It’s better to have the diet filled with all the essential fruits, vegetables, and healthy pulses.

  • Keep blood pressure under control

You have to keep the blood pressure under control otherwise there is a risk of hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. Moreover, with age the chances of having a stroke. Studies have shown that even the individuals who had normal blood pressure until the age of 55 had a 90% chance of having a stroke. This is the reason it’s essential to make your diet proper in all ways. It’s better that you check your blood pressure at least once to reduce the chances of having a stroke.

  • Keep control over high cholesterol

In case your cholesterol level is high then it’s better to keep it under balance. In such a case opt for healthy practices and eat healthy food options like vegetables, fruit, whole grain & lean meat. Substitute all the unwanted and unhealthy food options with healthy ones as this way the cholesterol will get under control.

Additional measures

  • Do not smoke as it affects your entire body

  • Take the necessary medications on time

Schedule your initial consultation

If your brain health does not feel fine or you think that you are at risk of having a stroke then better schedule an initial consultation with one of the experienced neurologists. If you are wondering what further steps to take then visit Neurociti Hospital.

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