Stroke Treatment With Quick Recovery By Trapping Blood Clot

Set a trap for stroke treatment

Have you ever thought that ‘It’s possible to pluck a blood clot as a part of stroke treatment’? Indeed! At one of the best Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana, the doctors do use the said procedure as the choice of stroke treatment. When it’s about plucking a blood clot from the brain with a tiny wire, it does offer significant results and is effective for patients who had stroke hits. It’s known for offering results with minimal downtime and better recovery.

Latest and most effective surgical method for stroke treatment

The assistance of one of the Best neurosurgeon in Ludhiana aims to ensure the highest and most effective surgical methods are opted for. The focus is on removing blood clots through the technology called a stent retriever, which works effectively against ischemic stroke. So, even after the symptoms strike, the said procedure can offer effective results.

During the procedure, the Neurologist in Ludhiana gets access to the collapsed stent from the artery. With that, it makes it easier to expand the inside of the catheter and reach the brain’s blocked blood vessels. The wirelike cage will trap the clot and then take the same out of the body. The use of the catheter is known for increasing the overall efficiency that allows the blocked brain vessel to have an easier entry.

How much time does it take to trap the blood clot for stroke treatment?

The neuro care medical sector has advanced a lot with time. The new methods and procedures have started to gain the attention of the neurologist to perform the approach with precision. The method of trapping the blood clot as a part of stroke treatment comes under a minimally invasive approach. In total, the procedure takes 60 to 90 minutes to perform easily.

The problem with stroke is that it significantly affects the person’s ability to move the body, the oxygen cell presence reduces, and the overall vital functions can get affected adversely. On the other hand, the study done on trapping blood stroke has shown that patients show significant improvement by means of:

  • Move the hands and legs sometime after the procedure

  • Begin to talk with others

No doubt, both factors play a huge role as part of stroke treatment. The times have changed for the better. So, the patients looking for emergency neuro treatment with an advanced approach can get access to the same. Indeed! It’s about the right planning and taking the measures with utmost caution.

One of the studies has also shown that for ischemic stroke, the condition does get better, 30% to 40%, when the treatment is given on time. Just make sure when the strobe hits, the patient gets the treatment at the earliest so that it’s easier to recover and see the desired change.

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