Neurological Issues That Can Lead To The Concern With Your Vision

Everyone understands the issues of eyesight; nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other eye issues. But were you aware that your vision depends on a delicate network of your brain cells? In case those brain cells are damaged, you may develop an issue with eyesight. In that case, you need to see Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana.

There are some neurological issues that can harm your eyesight; optic neuritis- people who have multiple sclerosis can develop the swelling of the optic nerve, Ischemic optic neuropathy; which occurs when the blood flow does not reach the optic nerve; in this case, it is imperative to see the Best neurosurgeon in Ludhiana.

The other issues that can harm your eyesight are primary open angle glaucoma- when your eyes are unable to shed tears, so the pressure builds up, it can lead to pressure on the optic nerve, which can even damage and the other issue is Parkinson’s disease- in this condition, you will not be able to blink and move your eyes. All these mentioned issues need Neurologist in Ludhiana to be treated well.

Optic Neuritis

Optic neuritis is an expressway between signals of the eye to the brain. This movement is responsible for a clear vision. However, if the nerve is swollen, it may block the messages sent to the brain.

Optic neuritis is linked to multiple sclerosis(MS). This condition can even lead to swelling of nerves all around the body. Researchers have seen that many people do not recognize they have MS until it fully develops in optic neuritis.

The following risks are connected with optic neuritis

  • Infections; cat-scratch fever, bacterial infections, and Lyme disease can cause the optic nerve to swell.

  • Viruses; measles, mumps, and herpes can lead to swelling in the optic nerve.

  • Medicines; some antibiotics and medicines can cause swelling in the optic nerve.

Following symptoms, you may notice when your optic nerve is swollen.

  • Visual illusions; you may come across glimmering or flashing lights, or the colors may seem dull.

  • Pain in the eye; the pain in the eye may even cause you a headache which may further lead to difficulty in moving your eye.

  • Vision Loss; you may face dimming and blurring of your vision, but in some cases, people are unable to see anything.


Your ophthalmologist(eye doctor) can determine optic neuritis by any exam. They will measure your response to brightness and how you differentiate between colors. Doctors can even opt for MRI so that they can diagnose quickly.

The doctor can prescribe corticosteroids so that the swelling in your optic neuritis reduces. It has been seen that with this medicine, some people recover fully. However, it is crucial to see a doctor if you have developed optic neuritis, as your condition may worsen without medications.

Best Bet

Multiple Sclerosis(MS) is a condition that needs urgent medical attention. However, getting medical attention in the first stage may not lead to further issues. For treatment, visit Neuro Citi Hospital. Here your treatment will be carried out with highest care.

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