Different Ways To Use Gyrostim Therapy For Various Conditions

What Is Gyrostim?

It is a state-of-the-art, multi-axis rotating chair. It helps in providing vestibular stimulation. gyrostim spines you across multiple planes, while you can use lakers to fire at targets that are placed throughout your field of vision.

The Neuro specialists in Ludhiana control the gyrostim with a computer. This helps the participants to observe their strengths and weaknesses. They also have proficiency with hand-eye coordination and reaction times.

If you are unfamiliar with its purposes, let me tell you, its technology slightly resembles an amusement park ride. Getting gyrostim therapy in the Best Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana is a highly beneficial treatment for different variety of conditions.

Gyrostim Therapy And Concussion Rehabilitation

Most of the time, people associate gyrostim with concussion and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. You can modify the intensity of the vestibular training in the gyrostim machine based on your requirement.

If the doctor sets it at a lower level, then gyrostim offers visual and vestibular stimulation and sensorimotor exercise. This technique helps patients with a concussion and traumatic brain injury address their symptoms and restore their lost functions. With the help of gyrostim therapy, you can get so much more than just concussion rehabilitation.

Gyrostim Therapy For Sports Performance

As we have cleared earlier, gyrostim is one of the beneficial things for concussions and also brain injuries for low levels of intensity. In case the intensity increases, gyrostim therapy can have a great impact on sports performance. It is a therapy option that is generally interactive and also has low impact. It basically means that athletes can now improve various cognitive components such as special awareness, situational awareness, mental and visual activity, reaction times, and balance. Coordination and so much more.

Gyrostim Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

Gyrostim has indeed gained a lot of popularity from its concussion rehabilitation capabilities. It is natural for many people not to know that the therapy actually originated as a treatment option for cerebral palsy. Doctors often recommend vestibular therapy to help her develop better balance and coordination. This therapy includes a regimen of hundreds of spins and rolls almost every day. But vestibular therapy is not quite practical for a 4-year-old. Hence they introduced the design of gyrostim chairs. Gyrostim offers the same vestibular stimulation with significantly less work.

Gyrostim Therapy For Military Training

After the experts launched the gyrostim chair, it gained a lot of popularity around the world, including the Air Force Academy and other Military organisations. In fact, they started purchasing the gyrostim chair and began using it to train their pilots and other professionals. It was a great way to offer unparalleled ability to grow cognitive and fine motor skills.

Gyrostim Therapy And Parkinson’s Diseases

As people are doing more and more research on the effectiveness of gyrostim therapy on different conditions, we are noticing the applications of gyrostim rapidly. One of those disorders includes Parkinson’s disease from gyrostim therapy. We have conducted various studies where we have observed that patients have shown significant improvement when the neuro doctor employs gyrostim therapy in conjunction with traditional physiotherapy.


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