How is the treatment plan customized for PTSD patients with stroke?

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Ludhiana, Punjab: PTSD is one of the major traumatic events similar to near-death, physical assault, or military combat. With time this problem is even occurring with events like a heart attack & stroke. If you are worried about your situation, then better schedule your initial consultation at one of the leading Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana.

What are the symptoms and causes of PTSD after stroke?

The PTSD changes following stroke are increasing as compared to earlier. Around 25% of the individuals who have survived stroke have PTSD. A number of studies have been done & still in the process of better analyzing what next step should be taken. Here are the common symptoms are PTSD which occurs after stroke:

  • Keep on thinking about the traumatic issues
  • Anger outbursts
  • Problem sleeping or anxiety
  • Get irritated quickly, and feeling detaches
  • Trying to stay away from others
  • Trying not to think or avoid situations/people who are linked to the scenario

If you have any of the above-given symptoms or even, in general, you are worried about your health, then make sure to seek treatment from one of the known Neurologist in Ludhiana.

How does recovery from stroke begin?

The first step is to get yourself successful stroke treatment. It’s seen that those who get the stroke for the 1st time often have thoughts that they will get it for the 2nd time.

PTSD occurs in stroke patients, and they do have a fear-like feeling in their life. It’s not just about the fear, but there is a feeling of horror or helplessness.

Bear in mind if the symptoms last for more than one month, then it is referred to as PTSD. It is referred to as ‘Acute stress disorder’ for this period. The only thing which you have to be careful about is consulting the doctor as early as possible. When you keep on delaying the situation, it will only make it worse. In some cases, counseling therapies can make a critical difference & the patient’s mental health will be in a better state.

How is consulting the neurologist beneficial?

Seeking medical assistance is going to make the necessary change in 5 critical areas:

  • You will begin to appreciate your life
  • Personal strength has taken on another level
  • Spiritual satisfaction
  • Checking all the required possibilities which they can get benefit from
  • Your life will get better on the relationship front

Do not delay the seriousness of the situation

If you keep on letting the situation affect you, the problem will automatically worsen. In this case, there will be post-traumatic growth that will make life difficult. Would you want to do that?

If you are a stroke survivor, then it’s essential to be careful & take prompt action. Not just that, the medical supervision will make you strong & feel better about yourself.

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