What is the role of a modern and updated neuronavigation system?

Neuronavigation is an important part of neuro treatment

Ludhiana, Punjab: Neuro navigation is one of the systems which works with a real-time intraoperative system and it is known for giving the essential guidance for doing spinal & brain surgery. In other words, it’s also referred to as frameless stereotactic surgery. At one of the Best Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana, it is used to make sure the surgery is done with utmost ease. Additionally, it helps in making sure all the things are well-managed while doing the brain & spinal surgery. This is the reason such technology is making its way in doing the treatment with utmost ease.

Technological advancements make things better

Be it your need is to get brain surgery or you are looking for a medical expert to get the Brain Injury Treatment in Punjab then better be careful about everything. The use of such technology helps in guiding that the external frames are well effective in all ways. The use of localization or stereotactic will help the external surface to be in the proper place.

The neurosurgeon mostly uses this technology for performing brain surgery. WHY?

The key reason is:

  • The use of localization helps in limiting the skull opening in total size. Additionally, everything is safely removed which means the brain tumors are easy to take out. So, for the tumor resection, it’s used is extremely essential. Most importantly the localization is well carried out.
  • The well-equipped machinery and system come with all the right range of accessories which makes it easier to perform the surgery.

So, its use is getting more & more in neuro and spinal surgery because of the way it gives effective and reliable results.

Insight about the stereotactic surgery

It works on stereotactic brain surgery which takes the brain images. The necessary images allow us to target the brain in the most precise manner. Apart from that it is also known by the name of neuronavigation which helps in ensuring all things are well in place & the necessary target is done to the brain.

Additionally, it has that lightweight frame along with it in which local anesthesia is used. Following that the head image is better seen through the use of MR, CT, or angiography which helps in targeting the external frame properly. The images are basically like a reference is doing the surgery as every possible measure is properly seen from all the necessary dimensions. It’s like making sure the deep brain movements are checked for boosting the surgery accuracy by all means. All in all the workflow of doing the surgery helps in giving the best of results and the results are also successful.

Did you know?

The term stereotactic came from the Greek term which means ‘touch in space’.


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