Everything you need to know about the stereotactic brain biopsy

Stereotactic Brain Biopsy

Stereotactic brain biopsy is one such procedure that neurosurgeons perform to check if there is a brain lesion or not. During the procedure, the Neurologist in Ludhiana will take out a small amount of tissue from the brain. In case the patient has symptoms, then the brain images are taken. In some cases, a brain biopsy is needed which allows the right kind of diagnosis to be performed.

This approach is usually used to have a better view of the site required to perform the biopsy. The necessary approach will make it better to have the brain 3D map and then the desired place for using the biopsy needle is well-seen.

Brain tumor timely diagnosis essential

Studies have shown that primary brain tumor is one of the most common types which affects around 30,000individuals every year. In the primary brain tumor, glioma and meningioma are included.

When you schedule your initial consultation at Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana the doctor will perform the imaging studies through the MRI which allows you to check the following things:

  • Tumor present location
  • Tumor size
  • Tumor relation to the nearby structure

Moreover, this will require the use of MRS in which tumor chemical composition is better analyzed. Further testing might be done which allows a better check on the water & blood flow through that tumor.

Diagnosis sample test results are checked to make the decision

The diagnosis is done which allows the tissue sample to be better checked. The decision whether a biopsy is required or the complete tumor should be removed will be made accordingly. The neurosurgeon will check the entire condition and accordingly make the necessary decision to address the specific concern.

Bear in mind!

After analyzing the situation, if it comes to light that biopsy is the best way to address the condition, then accordingly the doctor will make the necessary treatment route. Even in patients with metastatic brain tumors, this approach is considered. In case, there are chances that infection might be involved then the further process is carried out accordingly.

The technique of Stereotactic Brain Biopsy

Only when the patient is asleep the procedure is carried out & everything is better seen on the computer system. This procedure requires a very small incision and before the process begins the area is sterilized and draped properly.

The needle for the same is long and it has that blunt tip that will be added into the brain through the neuronavigation system. This way necessary biopsy samples are taken. The accuracy of the results is better and enhanced only when the entire process takes around 3 to 4 days. Depending on the patient’s condition this procedure can be outpatient or an overnight stay is needed.



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