Everything you need to know about the cervicogenic headaches

Headache is one of those triggering problems that can make us compromise on all our daily activities. Sometimes that stress, migraine, or sinus issue triggers this issue. The cervicogenic headache is not just the typical headache. It’s the neck pain that can reach the head pain. If you have this problem then you must consult the medical expert at one of the known Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana to better manage the situation. In this blog, I aim to tell you everything regarding cervicogenic headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches

  • Major issue is the neck injury

If the headache has occurred after whiplash then it’s a cervicogenic headache. Some of the additional causes are neck fracture, slipped disk, pinched nerves, sprained neck muscles, or strained neck muscles. Make sure to always get professional assistance by consulting one of the experienced Neurologist in Ludhiana & better manage your entire health.

  • Different from the other headaches

Cervicogenic headache is one of those unique types when the pain is just on one side of the head. The problem starts from the skull base and reaches one side. If this happens then its possible head or neck movement is limited. Its possible neck movement is limited in this condition.

  • Office setup is not right

If your office environment is making you slouch or strain then this type of headache may be triggered. If you are sitting for too long then your neck may flex down. While sitting you must keep the back 7& neck straight as much as possible.

  • Head massage is great

In some cases, head massage can help the patients. This is because tension is relieved from the muscles which is the reason for headaches. But, before you do that make sure to consult the doctor & better check up on what to do next.

  • Old mattress & pillow create an issue

Old mattresses or pillows may create issues. While you fall asleep the body needs proper rest & this is the time when it will get recharged. If your sleeping equipment is not right or too old to be used when you have to get it changed. Make sure that you get a pillow that can line with the neck. If your mattress or pillow has been in use for years then better get it changed.

  • Neck exercise should be avoided unless medical supervision is not there

If you have neck pain then don’t go with the option of exercising or stretching. Trying to do this on your own is going to make it worse. The neck is one of the complex structures so make sure that you get the doctor’s assistance for the same.

  • Watch the red flags

All those experiencing a one-sided headache need to be careful. These are the signs which require immediate attention like:

  • Weakness or numbness on one body part
  • Slurred speech
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Double vision or droopy eyelid
  • Severe neck pain & its sudden


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